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We help your child transition from home to the classroom. We have been helping families with the transition for over 20 years.





KinderJoy positively understands the concept of nurturing an all rounded individual who will successfully adjust into 21st century. Our programme structure has been attentively designed by well experienced in-house academic team based on the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Our children have reacted positively to the structure of this programme over the years and have become successful teenagers not just academically in school but also in soft skills. As valued individuals in current society, they hold strong academic records coupled with good reputation. We are much privileged to have such a bunch of students still interact with us through the Alumni.



KinderJoy’s Comprehensive Thematic Integrated Learning Programme is developed based on the given guidelines by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Our core curriculum comprises of 4 main developmental areas of a child and supported by 6 key learning areas as illustrated below:

  1. Cognitive
  2. Language
  3. Physical & Aesthetic
  4. Moral & Social
  1. Communication
  2. Science & Technology
  3. Physical Development & Aesthetic
  4. Personal Competence
  5. Humanities
  6. Spiritual, Attitudes & Values


Our teachers are adamant about ensuring that our children build certain foundations that will set them up for life. Having that in mind, our programme structure was constructed to facilitate above developmental and learning areas through the following subjects:

  • Early English Activity
  • Early Maths Activity
  • Early Science Activity
  • Moral Learning/Social Studies Activities
  • Bahasa Malaysia Learning Activity
  • Chinese Learning Activity
  • Music Puzzle, Movement In Education
  • Outdoor & Indoor Activities
  • Arrival, Recess and Dismissal time

We believe that each child is special and has different traits, ideas, talents and capabilities. Accordingly, our subjects are designed to cater our philosophy. We dedicate ourselves to fulfill each child’s needs, from attending field trips which spark a sense of curiosity in a child, to basic language lessons to ensure that a child is able to communicate with much confidence. Children tend to learn effectively through these learning activities and practical experiences.

It is utmost important that from a young age, moral standards such as empathy, support, mindfulness and kindness are instilled in our children. We ensure that each child participates in team building activities and teach them how their actions can make a difference in the world, no matter how small.

21st century Skills

In line with the demand in competencies that are required for today’s highly globalised world, the essential skills that are vital for a 21st century child are included in our programme such as:


  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Communication Skills
  • Curiosity & Imaginative Attitude
  • Tolerant Ability
  • Informative Literacy
  • Sympathetic & Concern
  • Principle
  • Patriotic

We do acknowledge that at this age, All that the kids want is to have fun. KinderJoy is definitely a place of joy and wonder, with playgrounds, water activities, storybooks and toys, meal prepping activities, as well as the celebration of various Malaysian festivals.

Our Nursery & Kindergarten programme further divides into 4 levels as described below:

After all, a kindergarten or nursery should be a place not only to learn, but make friends and have fun while collecting joyful memories to cherish throughout the life. In order to fulfill this requirement, we organise many events throughout the programme.

  • Annual Graduation Ceremony and Concerts

A graduation ceremony is the most important event in a student’s preschool life where they achieve the result of working towards a goal. It teaches them the sense of achievement, positive self-esteem and celebration especially practicing good disciplinary manners.

  • Sports Day

Kids are to present their physical talents during this event while enjoying with their peers. This will teach them how to accept and celebrate the success or failure in a positive manner, build up team spirit and the importance of physical activities.

  • Special Excursions

Little children always love to travel and explore new things out of the classrooms. A visit to the fire station or to the equestrian centre will definitely give them remarkable memories so as the picnics that are organised quite often.


(AGES: 3 – 6 YEARS)

Kinderjoy’s Nursery Programme consists of outstanding set of activities which support our children to excel in their first steps of education. These activities are smoothly constructed to bring forward our children’s mind to classroom atmosphere from home.


We try to develop a child’s understanding of math at an early age through daily exercises.


Children love to sing and dance to music. KinderJoy makes music a part of our childrens daily lives.


Nothing is as exciting as a good story time tale. Story time helps to develop children’s attention span.


Our experienced teachers have a great understanding on how to explain the concept of words and meanings.


Arts and crafts are a fun way for your child to discover their creativity. It also helps in organizational skills.


A special emphasis is placed on learning the concept of numbers and letters.

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