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Tadika Kinderjoy


We do our best to provide your children with a safe environment where they feel comfortable and loved.


Extended Hours

Children 18 months to 6 years old

We realized the rising demand that working parents have nowadays in hiring a care taker to look after their children when they are away for work. Most parents are not much comfortable where it concerns the safety of the child.

Extended Hours

Our objective is to give children some meaningful leisure time after formal school hours by engaging them in fun activities interacting with other children who are from different backgrounds so that it helps in developing children physically, mentally and socially.

We ensure that your child has a scheduled meal time, nap time, homework time, classroom activities time, play time as well as engaging in various fun-filled activities until parents are back from work.

Benefits that are offered


  • Social interacting from young age which teaches the importance of sharing, independence and caring
  • Improve language skills communicating with peers and teachers effectively
  • Use of wide variety of resources (toys, books, games, play equipment, etc.)
  • Supervised by a group of teachers who excel in child care
  • Enhance both physical and mental growth at different stages
  • Accommodate with variety of nutritious and healthy meals

Our dedicated teachers take time to understand each child’s unique personalities, so they can help nurture their interests.

Extended Hours Activities

(AGES: 3 to 6 YEARS)

Extended Hours service provides safety and care for your child during day time where the parents are not around. After school hours children get the opportunity to engage in many fun-filled activities as well as home work with their fellow students until parents are back from work.

Creative Play

This section is based on improving creativity of the children by art, educational games, block building and various other age appropriate activities.

Story Time

Children are fond of listening to stories either it is a fairy tale or related to any other educationally important fact presented in a story manner.

Outdoor Play

Children are to engage in playing outdoor games where weather conditions are adequate.

Prep time

During this time, children can either attend on their school work or other extra work.

Resting Time

Relaxation time for children where they can use as they desire.

Special Activities

Holiday excursions such as visiting Zoo, fire-stations and festival events (Christmas etc)

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